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Rates, Policies, and FAQ

Important! Please read!


$75 per night

  • Please see the Cancellation Policy for peak times.

  • Board & Train
  • Basic Obedience Training (See our Command Sheet) $2,000 for our fourteen day training program. It also includes the training equipment, which is the properly fitted collar or harness tailored to your dogs needs. Also, a leather leash and "Place" mat.

  • Training rates for more complex problem behaviors such as severe housebreaking problems, possesive aggression, fearful aggresion or leash aggression will be charged at $150 per night. The number of nights will depend on each individual case.

  • Transportation
  • We provide transportation anywhere in the tri-state area. Monday and Thursday are our regular transportation days. Additional regular trips are offered around peak times. We can schedule a special pick up or drop off on any day of the week. Please call for rates & availability

  • $55 pick-up (Monday’s and Thursday’s)
    $55 drop-off (Monday’s and Thursday’s)

    $150 – One hour private lesson at your home
    $100 – One hour private lesson at camp

    $200 - Group class - Four weeks during the spring through fall, classes are held outside

    Please call for information, pricing and appointment.

    $45 for 45 minute therapeutic massage

    Winter Holiday Season Policies

  • $200 non-refundable deposit for each camper- I have been able to maintain the regular boarding rate even during the peak boarding times. In order to continue to do this, there will be a $200 non-refundable deposit for all clients to hold a space for each camper.

  • Brush out- We ask that all campers be brushed completely out prior to their Winter Holiday Camp Stay. As this is our busiest time of the year at camp, it allows each camper’s time to be maximized having fun and playing outside.

  • Grooming- Grooming appointments are limited over the holiday season, so please schedule in advance.

  • Cancellation policy
    Since A Dog’s Life Camp is a small boarding facility, we have found it necessary to implement a cancellation policy. The cancellation policy for peak times* is as follows:

  • Cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to your reservation.

  • Any reservations canceled fewer than 14 days in advance will be charged for the full reservation originally booked.

  • Please see above for Winter Holiday Season deposit requirement

  • *Peak times are as follows: Martin Luther King Weekend, Presidents Weekend, Spring Break, Easter, Memorial Weekend, Fourth of July Weekend, the months of July, August and September, Columbus Weekend, Thanksgiving, The Holiday Season from December 15th through January 10th

    **Important- Please read!!**

    While there is no guarantee or way to entirely prevent the spread of any contagious illness (i.e. dog flu, kennel cough, parasites, etc), we do our very best to protect everyone’s beloved dog. One way we can minimize unnecessary risk is to avoid cross contamination. The dog flu has had several outbreaks recently in Manhattan. In order to protect all of our campers, we must mandate that no dogs visit any other boarding facility or day care facility 14 days prior to their stay with us. Although there is always a chance when your dog is in a public setting- just as your child going to school-we do our utmost to protect everyone’s dog, and go to great lengths to make sure each dog has the same opportunity to have a happy, healthy stay. We ask that you help us to keep all of our campers' safe—just as you want for your own dog. We ask for your cooperation and understanding of this new policy.

    Vaccination Policy
    We require that all dogs are up to date on all vaccines, including bordetella (kennel cough). Our policy is that any vaccines or boosters must be given at least two weeks prior to coming to camp.
    Lyme Vaccine- The lyme vaccine is not required, but highly recommended.

    Pick-up and drop-off times
    Unlike other boarding facilities, you can pick up and drop off 7 days a week, between 8AM and 4PM. Our check-out time is 11:00 AM. You will be charged an additional night if you pick up after 11:00 AM.

    Payment is due at the end of your dog’s stay. We accept check or cash, we do not take credit cards.

    Veterinary Care
    Our protocol for dogs needing veterinary care is to call the owner and discuss any issues we may be having, so we have a better understanding of your dog. At this point, together we will make the decision as to whether veterinary care is needed. If we can not reach the owner, we will judge what is in the dog’s best interest. The dog’s well-being is the most important, and in case of an emergency, the owner will be called as soon as possible.
    Any dogs visiting us at camp in need of veterinary care will be brought to Dr. Furman at
    Monhagen Veterinary Hospital , which is also in Middletown, NY. He cares for our own dogs, as well as any of the boarding dogs. We have an exceptional relationship with Dr. Furman, and he is accessible to us at all times, for even the smallest of concerns. If he is unavailable for any reason, the next place we would go to is Orange County Animal Emergency, in Middletown. If a problem exceeds the level of care provided locally, we would bring them to Oradell Animal Hospital, which is the state of the art animal hospital in Paramus, NJ. A copy of the invoice will be provided to you, so you have a complete medical history on your dog. All medical expenses incurred are the owners responsibility. Any medical expenses incurred while at A Dogs Life Camp will be included in your invoice.

    What to bring to camp (and what not to bring)
    We have plenty of dog bowls, food scoops, many varieties of inside and outside toys, plush beds, bedding and cookies, of course!

    Belongings- You may bring a familiar toy or small bed. Please do not send anything treasured, as it may not get returned in the same condition, or may get lost. Campers share! We ask that the bed have a zip off cover or be small enough to fit in the washing machine.

  • We encourage new or shy campers to bring a t-shirt with their owners scent for comfort in their sleeping space. Again, not a favorite!

  • Food- We stock several premium brands of dog food. If your dog eats something other than what we have in stock, please send along the food. An abrupt change in diet can cause an upset stomach. Any dog on a prescription diet needs to send their food, along with instructions about what else they can and cannot eat. (ex: cookies, chicken and rice if we need to cook for them)

    Please send all medications in the original container with dosages and dispensing directions. Also, please let us know or send a note as to what times you dispense the medications. Please include a few extra days of medication, in case your travel plans are delayed in any way.

    Heartworm/Flea and Tick Prevention- These are both highly recommended, as we are in the country. If your dog is scheduled for either of these during their stay, please send them along with the date it needs to be given.

    Visiting “A Dog’s Life Camp and Spa”
    We welcome new clients to come and tour our Camp and Spa, so you can see where your dog will be staying. We ask that you bring your dog, so we can make sure they will be comfortable with us. It must be by appointment, so Carla or Erin can be here to meet you and your dog.

    Is the boarding space climate-controlled?
    It is part of the home, and is fully air-conditioned as well as heated.

    Pictures on the Gallery Page
    Pictures are taken of our campers while they are playing in the field. Please allow a few days for the pictures to get uploaded. If there is inclement weather, pictures may be delayed, since the quality of the photos is affected. Stays must be longer than two nights in order for us to be able to get the pictures and post them on the site.

  • Any images of your dog on the website may be saved, so you can look back anytime to remember your campers stay at “A Dog’s Life”. To do this, right click on the image, and click ‘Save Picture As…’

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